Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Wind Rock

I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know if this is the first time that I've been to wind rock during the day.  During my college years, my friends and I would make frequent nighttime trips to wind rock to look at the stars and talk about life, but I don't recall ever visiting this little overlook during daylight hours.  To be fair, wind rock does make for a pretty perfect nighttime hike because it's hardly a hike at all.  In two tenths of a mile from the parking area, you've already reached the overlook.  No rock scrambling is required, and if you wish to camp, there's ready-made, free campsites available right next to the overlook.  Granted, during the nicer season, these campsites are often occupied if you arrive late, but still, it's a nice after-dark destination.  Just now did I learn that it's also a pretty nice daytime destination.  Casey and I encouraged his family to accompany us on a detour before going to the Cascades so that we could show them mountain lake and wind rock.  The road was as treacherous as ever, but we made it to the parking area and marveled at the views.  If you're looking for a great effort:reward ratio, this one is right up there along with Buffalo Mountain (it's even easier!).

Sign at the beginning of the hike (the hike is all along the white-blazed AT)

The overlook

Casey's family

me and Casey

The whole group of us at the overlook

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